Friday, 3 February 2012

...God It's...

Slightly edited shot of bike people in Amsterdam. Taken with my Sony HX1.

They say "Change is good", and I am experiencing some changes in my personal life at the moment that could very well prove in a positive sense that this statement is true, but it could all end in tears and pouty faces as well, we'll see about that, too early to say, but in general I tend to believe that this will turn out to be a fun year, with plenty of awesome things crossing my path. To give myself some time to consider my options, and to get used to the idea of adjusting to an everchanging world, I've taken most of this week off, unfortunately I was stoopid enough to go outside yesterday and the day before, which I've almost paid with various limbs of my body, that seemed to think that freezing to the metal parts of my bike was the thing to do, but I've learned from my mistakes, and since it is still getting colder every day, I'm staying inside until I'll reallyreallyreally have to leave the house again! Be safe, stay warm, enjoy :)

Thank God it's Friday!

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