Sunday, 25 September 2011

...Summer In...

Slightly edited shot of people in the Sarphatipark in Amsterdam yesterday. Taken with my Sony HX1.

This weekend has been a perfect Indian Summer weekend, the sun is shining, the people look happy and pretty and the whole city is covered with a giant BBQ-smoke cloud. After 3 months of solid rain during the so-called 'Summer' this year, we've all been waiting for days like these, where you can just sit around in a park with your friends, have a smoke and a drink, talk about life, share a laugh, watch the girls, and if you're lucky, shoot some sneaky Spy-cam shots of them like this one, haha. I sure hope that we get some more of these beautiful, easy-going days, we all need some time to rest&relax from all the stress and madness we encounter in our life, so please, please, dear Weather-Gods, keep 'em coming, thanks in advance, you rock :D

I've made a wicked movie of the people in the park too, watch it on my YouTube channel, thanks :)


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