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Unedited shot of a '9/11' movie playing on my computer monitor. Taken with my Sony HX1.

10 years ago the world changed forever, and we still don't know what really happened on that horrible day...yes, there's the official story, but there are also many alternative takes on September 11, and I like to look at all the sources of information before I make up my own mind. I have collected many links to movies and other information in the last years, have a look at them on my site, and see if you still believe that 19 Arabs with box-cutters did this, or if there's more to the whole situation than meets the eye. The picture is taken from the movie 'September Clues', hopefully the author doesn't mind.

Unanswered Questions
History Commons Public Action
Here is NY
Stand Down
Attack on America
Investigation 77
9-11 Timeline
911 Exposed
9-11 Sites
Cosmic Penguin
9-11 Research
911 for the Truth
Stranger than Fiction
September Eleventh
Community Currency
911 Digital Archive
911 Citizens Watch
CNN 911 Transcripts
Let's Roll 911
911 In Plane Site
911 News&Analysis
911 Truth
NY 911 Truth
Deception Dollars
911 Dossier
September 11 Tribute
September 11 News
Reopen 9-11
Debunking the 9-11 Myths
9-11 Commission
The 9-11 Tapes
German Engineers help the USA
Loose Change
Loose Change Guide
Screw Loose Change
Screw Loose Change Video
9/11blimp Videos
9/11 Busters
9/11 Sites
911 Myths
9-11 Review
Planning of the September 11 Attacks
9-11 Commission Report
9/11blimp Videos
9/11 Busters
9/11 Sites
911 Ripple Effect
Pilots for 9/11 Truth
September Clues
September Clues - Busted
Foxed Out
How The Towers Fell
9/11 Coincidence Theory
911 Octopus 11
Barry Jennings Interview
Loose Change Forums
9/11 Missing Links Video

Don't believe everything you're told, question authority, think for yourself!

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