Wednesday, 14 September 2011

...Can Fly

Slightly edited shot of the lovely Miss A on my balcony in Amsterdam. Taken with my Sony HX1.

I've mentioned it before, the lovely Miss A has a bit of a suicidal streak it seems sometimes, the moment she sees a mountain, a plane, a bike or a desert, she puts on her thick boots and starts climbing, jumping, biking or walking with a dedication and sense of purpose that often leaves me speechless. I can't decide if she is trying to bring an early demise upon herself, or if she's just living on the edge (of my balcony) to feel that she's alive...whatever the reason for her anti-instinctive behavior, it usually makes for great pictures and movies, so I'm not complaining, haha. But once she starts jumping out of airplanes, she'll have to find a new camera-man, I'm may be stoopid, but I like my life too much to risk having it snatched from my young'ish hands over some Parachute-jump gone wrong, sorry Miss A, and good luck :D

Amsterdam photos

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