Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Shot of the Revolution in Amsterdam. Taken with my HTC Desire using the Camera360 Android app. :)

The company I work for got this new chief manager, and the guy is making lots of new friends left and right by trying to impose his idea of how we should work, dress and behave in a rather arrogant, aggressive way. He keeps walking around, looking at us lowlife scumbags, who earn his salary with hard work, through his fancy glasses with his beady little eyes, that are full of fear that he might catch some horrible disease if he comes too close to us. In fact he never ventures anywhere near the regular worker-bees and limits his contacts to the upper management, shooting us dirty looks whenever he has to walk around in those areas where the people who earn as much in a month as he spends on a suit (or possibly just his tasteless, overprize tie, that he has pointing at the empty space between his shaky legs), and does his best to try to change us into something that he does not have to be afraid of, but since he's paying peanuts, he's getting smelly, uneducated, feeces-throwing monkeys like us, and not a bunch of Rocket-scientist who share his impecable sense of style and fashion, a simple fact of life that he does not seem to be able to compute in his Elite-University-educated, wavy-hair wearing, butt-ugly head, lol :D

I have one thing to tell you, dear Mr.Slavemaster Sir Lordy Lordship: We are the majority, and very soon those few dickweeds like yourself, who are keeping us in a permanent position of enslavement, giving us just enough crumbs of the money-cake to allow us to barely survive, instead of being able to build better lives for ourselves and our families, will be removed from their undeserved position of power and dealt with accordingly. You are the 1%, and what a shining, puke-inducing example you are, you stand for everything that's wrong with this world today, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution, so F*ck You, F*ck You very much! But don't worry, the 99% are awake, and we're going to face-palm your scared little ass until you realize that you've been occupied, you fake F*ck, hahaha :D

Almost weekend :)

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