Monday, 28 November 2011


Random shot of Amsterdam. Taken with my HTC Desire using the Camera360 Android app.

As you might know, I love my home town Amsterdam a lot, and one of the many reasons for that is that everything looks so cool. To prove my point, I've taken some random pictures of scenes that I came across while I was walking through the best city in the world, and with a little bit of help from my mobile phone and the Camera360 app, created the pretty shots I've posted today. Luckily not everybody shares the same strong emotional bond with Amsterdam, otherwise we'd have 7 billion people living here, and it would be impossible to bike around without killing hundreds of them by accident. So wherever you are, come and visit us, but then you'll have to go back home, it's in your own best interest, getting hit by a bike is not something you'd write home about (even if you still can), and I'd hate to be responsible for hurting you, thank you :)

Almost weekend!

Amsterdam photos

Wicked reflections

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