Sunday 28 June 2009

Welcome to Fabulous Amsterdam!

Welcome to Fabulous Amsterdam

This is my newest fridge magnet, it was a Present from a friend, who was also nice enough to pose with it for this shot. I totally adore it, looks good, don't you think?! ;-P

Of course the Amsterdam Red Light District is not only fabulous and fun to look at, it is also a breeding ground for all kinds of criminal activities, that's why the Amsterdam city council has decided a few years ago to clean up the rotten Sodom'ish core of the best city in the world.

XXX Smile

They chased the Hookers out into the rain and gave the windows to Art&Fashion students. They bought the buildings owned (for decades!) by 'Criminals' for manymany millions of (our tax) euros, only to convert them to glittery luxury boutiques and restaurants that us locals can't afford to go to. They closed down coffeeshops and outlawed Magic Mushrooms. They made it illegal to drink a beer in a coffeeshop or smoke a cigarette virtually anywhere. Police everywhere in the streets, at any time.


To make it clear that they are actually mocking us, they outlawed standing up while consuming beverages on a terrace. Yes, you heard it right, standing up while drinking a beer on a terrace is illegal in Amsterdam! What a Brainfart! And still no march on city hall, no burning barricades, just the occasional moaning&bitching (usually mine, hehe ;) but no action, while in front of our unbelieving eyes Amsterdam became Boring-town, perfectly suitable for Squares and young families.

I've spend a lot of time&words in the past complaining about the Busters on top treating us like stoopid kids, trying to change the lovely Cesspool this city once was into a sick vision that only works inside their heads, and I'm tired of it, so I'll go with the flow and put on my best, bravest 'XXX Smile' pretending that all is fine&dandy in Sin City, that's much easier than getting upset about it :))

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