Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Unedited shot of a Sexshop in Amsterdam, reflected in a puddle. Taken with my Sony HX1. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

I don't know why, but Sex is something that is always popular with people...well, of course I know why, it's just one of the funnest things to do on this planet, and since we seem to be hardwired to follow a certain biological script, it's what society revolves around, even if it's not always as obvious as this shop catering to our urges and desires. Unfortunately for us guys, women still pretend that they don't care for Sex and that it's the last activity they'd ever want to engage in, even though they like it as least as much as we do, possibly even more, so this is the part that I really don't get about the whole's confusing, frustrating and utterly unnecessary, we know by now that girls like Pron, they like to knock boots and they love talking about 'It', so maybe we can stop the stoopid games and all have a good shag instead, lol ;-D

Have a sexy day!

I've also shot a wicked reflection movie of this puddle, check it out on my YouTube channel, thank you :)


Amsterdam photos

Wicked reflections

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