Friday, 24 June 2011

...Kids Alone!

Unedited shot of a Dutch flag and a school bag in Amsterdam. Taken with my Sony HX1.

There is this lovely Dutch tradition of hanging your school bag from those steel hooks, that we use to hoist our furniture into our tiny, narrow houses, when the final exams for school are passed. It's a powerful display of relieve, happiness and accomplishment. I am myself only a few last bureaucratic steps away from starting my studies at the Amsterdam College, so it's gonna be a couple of years before I get to hang my bag&books from my own steel hook, but I'm sure those are gonna be lovely years with lots of new input, new ideas and new friends, so I'm really hoping that I'll get it all sorted out before school starts in September, not that I am not busy enough with working for the man, running my own company and biking around in the best city in the world shooting puddles, but my brain is urging me to fill it up with new stuff, and who am I not to comply with the wishes of the gray matter slushing around in my egg-shaped head? Exactly, that's who :)

Thank God it's Friday, it's Summer, it's raining, yay :D

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