Saturday 5 September 2009

So Long Flickr, And Thanks For All The Fish!

This is it...somebody has reported my account to Flickr as 'unsafe' and they have followed up on this anonymous tip by putting my pictures on a 'moderate' level, warning me that if they'll receive another report, they will terminate my Flickr stream :((((((((

My photos are not visible to anybody anymore, unless they're signed into Flickr and have set their own account to be able to view moderate content, that means I can not show my pictures to anybody outside that small group anymore, this is so sad and unnecessary.
It seems rather unfair that some puritan soul, that feels offended by my puddle reflections or my occasional girl-shot, can just pop a message to the Flickr staff and make me look like a dirty old man, but it seems that there is not much I can do about this, I've sent Flickr a mail but didn't get a response yet :(((

I am not sure what is going to happen now, but all my pictures have already been blocked by default for anybody not signed in and set up to view unsafe things, I guess it won't be long before Flickr decides that I am a menace to the rest of the world at large and will kick me's been 3 really fun, exciting years where I've met tons of cool people, made some real life friends and had a very wicked time interacting with all of you good folks, I will surely miss this a lot, thank you all so much for the good vibes, it's been a fun ride :)))

All that's left to say is "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!", have a good time with the anonymous nay-sayers who'll spoil it for everybody else, keep your head low and your 'nasty' pictures away from the poor kids&feeble-minded grown ups, hehe ;-)

Take care, have a good one!

If you want to keep in touch with me, visit often!

Update @ 21:00 CET time: Flickr has mailed me that my account is considered 'Safe' again...let the good times roll (again)! :D
Thank you all for your support!!!

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