Saturday 5 September 2009

Reflections Of Amsterdam - Duck&Cover!

Slightly edited mobile phone shot of a guy&his van outside the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, reflected in a puddle. I've added a tiny bit of contrast&saturation but no other magic tricks or Photoshop were used to create the wickedness in this picture :)

I saved this dude&his van's lifes! He was just doing his thing with the van and the paint buckets and all that, when I saw this GIANT raindrop falling his way while I was shooting them, so I yelled out 'Duck&Cover Dude!' and he did, the GIANT raindrop missing him by just a few inches...of course he got all splashy-wet, but he survived, thanks to both our lightning-quick reactions, a very close call, pheeeww ;-D

This is the first time that I have saved a human life, usually I limit myself to the helpless tiny creatures that can't stand up for themselves in this (sometimes) cruel world, check the links below for more details of the ongoing saga of 'AmsterS@m, Savior of the Insects!' (did I mention that I have awesome powers when engaged in Lifesafing acts?!) be continued :)

My first time!
Oops, I did it again!
I just can't get enough...of lifesaving that is, hehe :)


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