Saturday 5 September 2009

Reflections Of AmsterS@m - The Cheapsk8 Reprise

Slightly edited mobile phone cam photo of the S@mster himself wearing one of the stylishcool T-shirts from the new 'AmsterS@m' collection (check it out here!), reflected on the side window of a car.

I've posted a similar shot 2 weeks ago, same shirt, different color, urging&stimulating you to rush to my online shop and buy tons of t-shirts, but clearly I was not convincing enough, so here we go again, mhuahahaha ;-P

They're durable, they're cute, they're cheap as hell and your friends will laugh at you if you don't have one, they might even question your man/womanhood, and that's the last thing we'd want to happen, don't we?!

And last but not least, here's my Killer-argument for these credit-crunched, tight times...the one in this picture is only 13,90 euros! That's insanely cheap! I should really go and see a Head-doctor soon, lol :D

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