Monday 21 September 2009

Reflections of Amsterdam - Oops Upside My Head

Unedited mobile phone cam picture of buildings reflected in a puddle in Amsterdam. As always, no editing, no tricks, no Photoshop :)

I'm siiiiiick! I have this Killer-Cold and an Ear-infection since last week and I'm so done with feeling like something the cat dragged in, my head is about to explode and the freakin' ear drops I'm using, in comination with the actual infection, are completely clogging up one side of my head, can't hear anymore and it hurts like hell...too bad that I live in the Netherlands, because when I'll go to the doctor later today, I know exactly what he's going to tell me:

"So, what do you think it is? Which medication would you like? Do you want some Aspirin?"

This is the standard reply of any Dutch doctor when you come to their office, regardless of what you're suffering from, you can actually walk into their office with flames shooting out of your skull and they will do the same Spiel with you, not sure if they are simply annoyingly incompetent or, and that's my favorite theory, maybe they're instructed by the State to get rid of anybody who is not clearly in danger of losing limbs&life while hanging out in their office (nasty stains, etc.) but I can tell you, it is no fun to have some D***head pour his years and years of University education over you in the form of pure manure, i.e. recommending taking Aspirin when clearly you're in need of some serious medical attention!

I'd actually make a fine doctor, I always have a stash of the various flavors of Aspirin in my house, maybe I should consider a career change, hahaha ;-D

Oh my....

P.s. The title is not referring to an 80s Smash hit, it's the movement I make every few moments in the vain attempts to shake all that puss out of my eggy head, I was even rolling around on the floor last night, yelling at my ear (couldn't hear it though, lol) ;-P

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