Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Slightly edited shot of the lovely Miss A in my living-room in Amsterdam. Taken with my Sony HX1.

The youth of today is getting a lot of bad press, everybody (=old farts) thinks that they are violent, mindless, hedonistic, nihilist Internet addicts that want to spend their whole time Whatsapping with their friends, Facebooking with their family, Tweeting their every bowel movement, and excessively abusing whatever other hip apps there are to waste their waking hours with when they're not busy watching Pornmovies. This may actually be true for a small fraction of the kids these days, but there are also lots of cool ones, like the lovely Miss A, who besides being a dedicated rock-climber and future Parachutist, also accompanied me on my 2 bike trips to Germany last year, and I know I've mentioned this already many times, but how many girls do you know that can bike 200 kilometers in one day, on a bike like this one, and still smile like that? That's right, only one, and you're looking at her Daredevil'ish self at the moment :D

Amsterdam photos

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