Saturday 31 March 2012


Selfreflection on a car in Amsterdam. Taken with my HTC Desire using the Camera360 Android app.

I've spent the last 2 months working way too much, using up all my energy and positive thoughts, now I'm just an empty shell that does nothing else but wake up, bike to the office, spend a harsh day filled with activities that require my full attention and focus, even though they don't deserve them, and that force me to erase any and all traces of a (social) life. All I get in return is more harshness, unreasonable demands, expectations as high as the freakin' Twin Towers (when they were still standing, obviously :) and little 'mistakes' at the accounting department that ensure that I'm not even getting paid a cent for having worked every freakin' Friday, my usual day off, since the beginning of February.

This is not a situation that I would wish on anybody, least of all myself, but that's what I wake up to every day, and every day I need to muster all my spirit and positivity just to make it out of bed and to work without crying like a wee little baby, needless to say that there is nothing left to put into taking pictures or spending quality time with my (Interwebs) friends, so as of now I will only post one picture a day, instead of the usual 3, until I won't even have the resources left to achieve that, hopefully that's not gonna happen, I am addicted to this shizzle :)

The good part is that soon I won't have enough energy to complain about my situation anymore, so you should not see too many of these cry-baby posts in the future, lol :D

Have a relaxed weekend!

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