Wednesday 14 March 2012


Random shot of Amsterdam. Taken with my HTC Desire using the Camera360 Android app.

Amsterdam, the best city in the world! It's not just because we get to bike wherever we go (which of course is not a good thing if you hate biking, but we love it, so it's a good thing for us, m'kay!?), or because we have some of the hottest girls in the world walking and biking around all over the place in tight, skimpy clothing, or because our city skyline looks like it was created by a romantic, drunk Artist on a sentimental trip down memory lane, or because we can drink or smoke whatever we want, or because we live in peace (at least 99,99% of the time!), love (not necessarily in the ways sactioned by society, but OK, work with me here, lol!) and harmony (most of the time!) while being the home to the most diverse mix of different nationalities in one city (it's true, we are!). It's all that rolled into one, and then some, it's myriads of little things that make it so lovely and desirable to live in good old Amsterdam, and it always breaks my heart to think about the fact that you, my dear Interwebs friend, might not be so lucky, and possibly have to endure your days at some other place, in some other city/country/continent...sorry, didn't mean to make you feel down about not being one of the chosen few, hehehe ;-D

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