Sunday 25 December 2011


Ho..., originally uploaded by AmsterSam - The Wicked Reflectah.

Slightly edited shot of Christmas lights in Amsterdam reflected in a puddle. Taken with my Sony HX1. No editing besides some added contrast, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

It's Christmas, how lovely, and of course I ate and drank waaay too much last night at a Christmas dinner with some friends, I almost didn't make it home on my bike afterwards, I was so close to falling into a food-overload coma, but luckily I made it home and into my bed, where I ended the evening peacefully with some yummie chocolate, that almost made my stomach burst. I feel like I can never eat again, so I should probably give the tons of delicious things I've accumulated in the last days to the bums out in the street, and I would, if only I could move my lazy, near-obese body...oh well, I guess that means I'll have to eat it all anyway, slurp :P

Have a wonderful time, enjoy Christmas, do only nice things :)

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