Monday 19 December 2011


Slightly edited shot of bikes in Amsterdam reflected in a puddle. Taken with my Sony HX1. No editing besides some added contrast and saturation, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

A few days ago I came up with this wicked theory that all those billions of bikes that are clogging up every street in the best city in the world were placed there by evil Terrorists, to stop us from buying Christmas presents for our loved ones, leading to agonizing arguments and fights in our families, but I had to realize the hard way that I was completely wrong. All these seemingly docile, peaceful bikes are in reality Zombie bikes (probably infected by some virus from outer space, brought to our planet by the Bike-eating Aliens!), that just wait for an innocent pedestrian, or a bike-less biker, looking for an abandoned steel horse, to approach them, the moment their victims are close enough, they'll try to strangle them with their rusty chains and eat their molested bodies once they've wrestled them to the ground! I've been attacked twice already this week, and it's only Tuesday!! Beware! Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, ever, walk up to any bike in Amsterdam, run away as quickly as you can, and notify the authorities about the situation, together we can end this madness and shove the Zombie bikes into the shallow graves that they deserve to be in! Thank you :D

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Wicked reflections

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