Sunday 16 October 2011

Occupy Amsterdam - They're Playing Our Song!

Unedited shot of the 'Occupy Amsterdam' event in Amsterdam yesterday. Taken with my Sony HX1.

Yesterday the 'Occupy Amsterdam' event started at the Beursplein, outside the Stock Exchange, and of course I was there to shoot some movies and pictures, and to support the good cause. The vibe was really good and the people were smiling and soaking up the peaceful atmosphere of resistance against our Slave Masters. I sure hope that this is the beginning of a Movement that will allow us to create a better, less $$$-focused future for ourselves and our children (well, your children, I don't have any, as far as I'm aware, lol), without the continuous chase to make more money, to buy more things we don't need, but that help destroy the planet in their production- and disposal-process, a principle I have never been able to understand or support. If you want to do your share, organize an event in your own city, tell your friends, create Facebook events, share the material you find online, spread the word, and most important, start the change with yourself, open your mind, think for yourself, educate others and be good :)

Have a relaxed Sunday, take it easy :)

I've made 2 movies of the day as well, watch them on my YouTube channel, thanks :)

Movie 1
Movie 2

Amsterdam photos

Wicked reflections

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