Sunday 12 December 2010


Unedited shot of a window in the Red Light District in Amsterdam, featuring the World's smallest Prostitute. Taken with my Panasonic DMC-FZ8. No editing :)

In the last years Amsterdam has been transformed from Sleaze-City into a family-friendly version of Boring-town, and one of the parts where this is very visible is the world-famous Red Light District, millions of windows were closed down and either replaced with Fashion-studios run by students, or artsy displays of glamorous, glitzy things, or they were simply boarded up with wooden planks. I've complained about this, and other unwelcome changes, a lot in the past and I figured since it's been a while that I've last bitched&moaned about this, you might think that I've accepted the fate of the best city in the world and moved on to spend my days whining about my back that hurts, but that is not the case, I just got bored with listening to my raving&ranting, lol :D

Today I am going back to work after sitting at home for one week, watching my messed up back slowly heal, I hope that I'll make it through the day OK, I'm going to use the public transportation system, and that is my least favorite way of moving around, but I don't want to risk falling off my bike and ruining my health any further than I've done already this year :)

Have a good start into the new week!

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