Saturday 13 November 2010

Friday Night In Amsterdam - Jumpstyle

Unedited shot of people at the 'Bon Esprit' "PFFFFFFFF..." party at the 'Winston' in Amsterdam Friday night. Taken with a borrowed Sony HX1. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

Last night I went to the 'Bon Esprit' "PFFFFFFFF..." party at the 'Winston' in the Amsterdam Red Light District, it was a wicked even featuring "Children Sumadre Live, naked! A Lapdance, Strip and Mix performance By Pocketlipps, The Klaus Kinski Buddhist children choir, Live Body Painting By El Monarko, El Durisito's visuals with his haunted WEE remote control and Hank "perro loco" Disaster having sex with dead animals while mixing", and of course wicked visual effects by Monsieur Gregory Duris himself, an interesting mix I'm sure you'll agree ;-D

Before I went to the Winston, I got majorly drunk with a bunch of lovely people, resulting in lots of loud laughter, severe levels of intoxication and extreme protect the innocent I will not post the photos I took of that part of the evening, I would not want anybody getting in trouble with their Employer/the cops/their spouses/the Animal Protection people, but I might use the pictures and movies to blackmail the participants into transferring large chunks of their monetary wealth to my bank know who you are and you KNOW that I have the photos that could easily ruin your lives if you don't bow to my every whimsical wish in the future, mhuahahaha ;-D

Nah, just kidding, you know that your privacy is in safe hands with me, trust me, I'm a wicked Reflectah and we're good people :)))

I've made lots of wicked movies of the show at the Winston, watch them on my YouTube channel, thank you :)

Movie 1
Movie 2
Movie 3
Movie 4

Amsterdam photos

Wicked reflections

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