Tuesday 26 October 2010

Down The...

Unedited shot of a biker and buildings reflected in a puddle in Amsterdam. Taken with my Panasonic DMC-FZ8. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

Dedicated to ColourPixie, for liking my headless biker shots so much, thanks girl :))

Just a few more days and it'll be the final day of the 'MultiCulti' exhibition at the 'ABC Treehouse' in the Voetboogstraat 11, Saturday, October 30, it'll be all over and you'll never get another chance to meet me and/or the lovely Miss Monyart in real life...unless you ask nicely of course, then we'll be more than happy to have a coffee with you anywhere in the best city in the world, hehe :-))

I'd like to say 'Almost weekend', but due to circumstances I had to give up my free Friday until the end of the year, so instead of having a bit more time for fun things as expected, I'll have even less of those precious few hours that are dedicated to puddle hunting, biking around, and in general just enjoying the sights and sounds of my beloved hometown, but yeah, that's life :)

I've made 2 wicked reflection movies of this puddle too, check them out on my YouTube page, thank you!

Movie 1
Movie 2

Amsterdam photos

Wicked reflections


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