Sunday 6 June 2010

Reflections Of Amsterdam - Mama Said Knock You Out!

Unedited shot of a guy and a bike, reflected in a puddle in Amsterdam. Taken with my Panasonic DMC-FZ8. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

Yesterday I went to the Westerpark to visit some friends at their stand on the 'Sunday Market' and it was all fun&laughs...then I biked home and was waiting at this street crossing when this old'ish, suited Dude came from behind on his bike and started barking at me to move to the side...

There were about 3 meters of free street to my side, so I smiled at him and pointed out that he (and most of his friends, if he had any) could easily pass by without a shouting-match, but he did not accept that, saying that the oncoming traffic had to travel there, not exactly a valid argument, as they managed just fine to 'squeeze' by us, so to make his point, he *gasp* PUSHED ME off my bike! Keep in mind, all this time I was smiling at the guy, and I guess he took that for weakness, so once I half-fell of the fabulous Lord Bikenheimer, he jumped off his ride, ready for some fisty-cuffs, while I was still busy wiping the smile off my surprised face! Instead of accepting his challenge, I hopped back on my bike and crossed the street to watch the Retard get back on his, and drive off...without me beating him to the pavement as he passed me, lucky him :)

I need to add, I am not a mean guy, but I'm bald&bearded and I CAN look at you in ways that'll make you wish you had not crossed my path, and it was the guy's luck that he caught me completely off-guard, in a very chilled-out, a-day-in-the-park mind-set or I would have introduced him to the heavy, mean, metal parts of the lock that I keep hanging from my steering-wheel for just these kind of situations...but yeah, I'm not a mean guy, like I said, so I would very likely not have hurt him (any more than necessary!), if possible, hehe ;-P

Have a great start into the new week, take care, beware of the crazy people!

Of course I've made a reflection movie of this puddle too, watch it on my YouTube page!


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