Monday 5 October 2009

Reflections Of Amsterdam - Kick It!

Unedited mobile phone cam shot of a lady on a bike and some tourists, reflected in a puddle on the Dam square in Amsterdam. No editing, no tricks, no Photoshop :)

I really like the details in this shot, if it wasn't for the cobble stones shining through the water, it could almost be a 'real' shot...maybe I should try those one of these days too, haha :D

On October the 4th a new Art exhibition started at the 'ABC Treehouse' in Amsterdam, featuring 10 of my wicked puddle reflections :D

The theme is "AMS * NYC * AMS an artistic look at a 400 year affair". Exhibition and Special Events, 4 October – 29 November 2009. At the ABC Treehouse, Voetboogstraat 11, 1012XK Amsterdam (the link goes to Google Maps)

My photos are up for sale during the exhibition, buy them please, I'm young and need the money, thank you, lol ;-))

More wicked reflections

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