Monday 12 October 2009

Reflections Of Amsterdam - Babes&Beer

Unedited mobile phone cam shot of giant posters featuring Dutch Supermodel Doutzen Kroes, reflected in a puddle in Amsterdam. No editing at all, no tricks, no Photoshop :)

I really like these giant posters of our very own Supermodel Doutzen, she's very pretty and being a Dutch girl, probably very friendly as well...chances that I'll find out in person are rather slim, but if you know her, feel free to tell her that this wicked Reflectah is a big fan of hers and wouldn't mind shooting her in real life if she ever comes to the best city in the world, hehe ;-P

For those men that are not interested in pretty girls (and we have tons of those in, not interested in pretty girls but also tons of pretty girls ;) there's a Heineken beer commercial on top of the building...hey, I aim to please, lol ;-D

P.s. I know that you can't really see much of her in this shot, but this is a bit like Christmas, it's the thought that counts, hahaha!

On October the 4th a new Art exhibition started at the 'ABC Treehouse' in Amsterdam, featuring 10 of my wicked puddle reflections :D

The theme is "AMS * NYC * AMS an artistic look at a 400 year affair". Exhibition and Special Events, 4 October – 29 November 2009. At the ABC Treehouse, Voetboogstraat 11, 1012XK Amsterdam (the link goes to Google Maps)

Public viewing hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Time 13h00 to 18h00. Free admission.

My photos are up for sale during the exhibition, buy them, I will like you even more then :D

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