Saturday 24 October 2009

Reflections Of Amsterdam - Going To The Treehouse

Unedited photo of some happy grownups and their not so happy (grand)children, reflected in a puddle in Amsterdam. Shot with my Panasonic DMC-FZ8, no editing, no tricks, no Photoshop :)

These good folks are probably on their way to the ABC Treehouse to watch my wicked reflection shots in real life, the grownups look all happy to finally get a chance to see my photos as big size prints instead of only on their PC monitors, while the kid clearly is holding a grudge against me, thinking to her self "Why do we have to waste our valuable weekend 'I-should-sit-in-a-sandbox-with-all-the-other-boys&girls-time' looking at the childing puddle play of that AmsterS@m dude, I could take better pictures than him and I'm just a kid!" and she's right!

To make up to her and to give everybody who always wanted to know who the guy hiding behind his mobile phone is a fair chance to find out, I will be present tomorrow, Sunday the 25th of October, at the ABC Treehouse again as the 'Artist in Residency', more details, including a link to Google maps, below :)

P.s. The exhibition is in the 'ABC Treehouse' and NOT in the 'ABC Bookstore' as most people that tried to unmask my mysterious identity in the last weeks have assumed and then found out that they missed my actual location by just 100 meters ;-P

On October the 4th a new Art exhibition started at the 'ABC Treehouse' in Amsterdam, featuring 10 of my wicked puddle reflections :D

The theme is "AMS * NYC * AMS an artistic look at a 400 year affair". Exhibition and Special Events, 4 October – 29 November 2009. At the ABC Treehouse, Voetboogstraat 11, 1012XK Amsterdam (the link goes to Google Maps)

Public viewing hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Time 13h00 to 18h00. Free admission.

More wicked reflections

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