Wednesday 4 July 2012

...City In...

Slightly edited shot of Amsterdam. Taken with my HTC Desire using the Camera360 Android app.

Sometimes I forget that Amsterdam is not just the best city in the world, but also possibly the hardest, soul-crushing, mind-wrecking place in the world, I mean we've got Prostitution on a large-scale covering parts of our city center, you can buy drugs everywhere and people ride bicycles for their personal transportation needs, hard as nails I'm sure you'll agree! Since all of these despicable activities are executed in such a sweet, lovely and open manner, they become seemingly harmless and 'cool', which of course is so wrong on so many levels! When will people understand that riding a bike is a nasty way to waste your time, and nobody should be doing it, at all, ever! There, I've said it! Hahahaha :D

Amsterdam photos

Wicked reflections

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