Thursday, 28 April 2011


Home..., originally uploaded by AmsterS@m - The Wicked Reflectah.

Slightly edited shot of a lady on a bike in Amsterdam, reflected in a puddle. Taken with my HTC Desire mobile phone. No editing besides some added contrast, no Photoshop :)

I am back in the best city in the world after my bike trip to Germany with the lovely Miss A last weekend, and I am happy and excited to be in Amsterdam again. As much as it's fun to travel, it's also very nice to come back home and appreciate your own city again. Last night it even rained a bit to welcome me back in style, so I'm going to grab my cam now and go downtown for some puddle hunting. I'm also expecting my good friend Manuel Pandalis, a very talented photographer, today, he's coming to celebrate Queensday with us, it's gonna be so much fun :))

I've made a wicked movie of this puddle as well, watch it on my YouTube channel, thank you :)


Amsterdam photos

Wicked reflections

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