Monday 13 January 2014

...Of Both...

Unedited water reflection of Amsterdam. Taken with a Sony HX200V. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

It's Monday, the sun is shining, a fresh, new week is ahead of us, so go out there and make the most of it! I know, for some people it's not the preferred day of the week, but you've got to start somewhere, and without the Monday, the weekend would not seem special, every day would be the same old boring...oh, wait, what am I saying, boring? Old? Every day is the best day ever, because it's all we got, this moment right now, no past, no future, just NOW :)

Enjoy, have a wonderful week :)

P.s. If you are in town, go and visit my Solo Expo at the cafe 'Van de Buurt' in the west of Amsterdam, it'll continue until the end of February and you can get a real 'AmsterSam' photo for as little as €3 :)

Amsterdam photos

Wicked reflections

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