Thursday 24 January 2013


Slightly edited shot of myself reflected on a car window in Amsterdam. Taken with my HTC Desire using the Camera360 Android app. No editing besides some messing around with the contrast and saturation, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

Today is a veryveryvery important day in my life, I have finally closed a chapter that urgently needed some closing and am busybusybusy with opening new paths for myself that I'll rush down towards a muchmuchmuch better could not have done this by myself, it required a lotlotlot of help from my friends and foes, manymanymany bad and good things needed to happen before it got this far and I'm superduperschmooper happy, excited, grateful and overjoyed that I've made it this far. If you are one of those people, friend or foe, who pushed my to my boundaries and made this major change happen, I would like to thank you, no matter if you were with me or against me, no shadow, no light, no pain no gain and all that :)

Thank you, you have changed my life and I will never forget it!

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