Friday, 21 August 2009

The Swizz Connection

The lovely Miss Z, smiling at me (hidden, as usual :) at the Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam, where we attended a reception with drinks&snacks for the participants of the 'In love with Amsterdam' photo exhibition/contest a while ago.

Unfortunately for Amsterdam, she has left us and moved to the last enclave of Neutrality and considerable monetary resources, Switzerland...that sucks!!!

Lately there's a constant stream of great people leaving Amsterdam, as if they know something I don't....maybe the Polar caps have finally melted and we'll all be washed away in a big flood or something...whatever it is, I didn't get the Memo, so I'll have to wait it out and go with the flow, hehe ;-P

Have a great life my dear Miss Z, you are missed very much, I still feel like I'm seeing you on your bike somewhere in the city almost every day...come back soon to visit us :)))

This picture was taken by the lovely Miss Monyart :)

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