Saturday, 22 August 2009

Setting The Right Expectations

Amsterdam Cop doing his thing...which happens to be taking care of plants, not fighting crime, or even getting some Donuts, it seems.

I think this dude is trying to make a point here....the Amsterdam police is famous for always doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and this picture very nicely sums up their attitude towards their customers, us citizens of the best city in the world.

Instead of assisting us when we're in need, the local coppers have decided to focus on minor 'crimes' like not having a valid ID card, not having lights on your bike or even standing on a terrace while having a drink, admittedly serious offenses to society that need to be punished harshly, and the boys&girls in blue are doing their best to make Adam the most inhospitable, least attractive town in mainland Europe, following the insane orders of our Cockmeat-sandwich-eating city council...still a bit to go, but they've made some major progress towards getting rid of all those unwanted visitors and alienating the local folks enough to force us into civil disobedience and a rebellious out Job, we're not going to accept any further brain farts to escape your narrow mind into the mean streets of Amsterdam, why don't you move back to Haarlem and leave the big city to the big boys&girls? Then you don't have to hide in your Mayor-mansion from us anymore and we can go back to being the freest, best city in the world, thank you ;-P

Have a nice weekend!

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