Friday 26 March 2010

Reflections Of Amsterdam - Dam Bikey

Unedited shot of my beloved Bikey, chilling out in the sunrise on the Dam square in Amsterdam, reflected in a puddle, taken with my Panasonic DMC-FZ8. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

Thank God it's Friday! This week was the first where I hopped back on Bikey and went to work after my horrible bike accident and it mostly went fine...obviously I was a bit nervous about biking through the best city in the world after that traumatizing experience, but except for 2 situations (once I almost fell when I rolled over a tree part while going into a steep corner, and one time I almost got hit by this Moroccan kid on his scooter, who just came flying out of this tiny alley but luckily missed me by a few inches, or I would not be sitting here writing this :) there was no danger and I really enjoyed roaming freely again through lovely, sunny, Spring'ish Amsterdam :))

Almost weekend!

Of course I shot a new wicked reflection movie of Bikey in this puddle, check it out on my YouTube page!


More wicked reflections

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