Wednesday 15 February 2012


Unedited shot of a biker reflected in a puddle in Amsterdam. Taken with my Sony HX1. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

I totally LOVE my February, this has so far been one of the best months I've ever had the pleasure to experience, and I'm very much looking forward to the joyful events and moments that will come my way in this already spectacular month...and just so you know I'm not some Hippie who loves everything and everybody, and spends his free time hugging trees, I HATED my January, it was a horrible month, and it scared the Bejesus out of me to think that my 2012 could be anything like those stoopid 4 weeks, but the current month has more than made up for it, and fully restored my inner believe that good things will happen, if you fluff up your Karma once in a while :)

Have a great day, almost weekend!

I've made a wicked reflection movie of this puddle too, check it out on my YouTube channel, thank you :)


Amsterdam photos

Wicked reflections

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