Sunday 5 February 2012


Slightly edited shot of the Winter in Amsterdam. Taken with my Sony HX1.

The best city in the world is still covered with a white layer, looks really pretty, but now I'll have to hop on my bike and ride through that white hell for 10 kilometers, not that I mind, I like that shizzle, but being all alert and awake is not exactly my favorite MO on a Monday morning, I want to snooze until I can't snooze no more, I want to have my coffee in bed, I want to hang out on the Interwebs and waste away my hours doing fun things while waiting for the weekend. Oh well, I need the money, so off I go, maybe I'll shoot a little movie of my snow-ride :)

Have a good start into the new week, may your Monday be joyful and easy-going!

I've made a movie of snowy Amsterdam too, check it out on my YouTube channel, thank you :)


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