Sunday 15 November 2009

Reflections Of Amsterdam - Sunday S@m

Unedited mobile phone cam shot of buildings and bikes, reflected in a puddle in Amsterdam. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

Yesterday it was the last time that I was at the 'ABC Treehouse' for the AMS * NYC * AMS exhibition as the 'Artist in Residency'. The exhibition will continue until the 29th of this month, so you can still go and check out my wicked reflections in real life, but I won't be there to offer you some free coffee or cookies :)

This picture is taken at the beginning of the Voetboogstraat where the Treehouse is located. Have a relaxed, joyful Sunday, I need to recover from that massive Double-Birthday party that I went to after spending the day hanging out at the gallery, the plan was to just quickly pop in&out to say Hi to the birthday folks, but I ended up drinking and smoking with the fun crowd until late at night...I'm staying on the couch today to regain some strength to face the fresh week starting tomorrow :)

P.s. One of the reasons why I hung around much longer than I had planned was the superdelicious food that my friends from the new and cool ArchiChef service created for this special occasion, check them out if you're planning to build a house or having a party/dinner/special event with some seriously good chow :-P


On October the 4th a new Art exhibition started at the 'ABC Treehouse' in Amsterdam, featuring 10 of my wicked puddle reflections :D

The theme is "AMS * NYC * AMS an artistic look at a 400 year affair". Exhibition and Special Events, 4 October – 29 November 2009. At the ABC Treehouse, Voetboogstraat 11, 1012XK Amsterdam (the link goes to Google Maps).

Public viewing hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Time 13h00 to 18h00. Free admission.


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