Tuesday 18 March 2014

...Shop :((((((

Shot of visitors on the last day of my little shop in Amsterdam. Taken with a Sony HX200V.

Last week the police came to the Rembrandtplein to check the permits of all the street-artists, as they sometimes do, and when they looked at mine, they said that I'm not allowed to show any examples of my work. I had the same issue last Summer, so I went to city hall to have my permit adjusted once again to state that I can show some of my photos, but the friendly man there told me that they've changed the rules, and that photographers can not present any of their work, I am only allowed to stand there with my camera in my hand and offer people to take a photo of them, a very weird idea...

I argued a bit with the guy, but in the end I had to leave without having achieved anything, and with sadness in my heart I had to realize that my little shop has been closed for good by these bureaucrats, so no more sitting in the sun with friends, sharing my photos with the nice folks passing by, no more awesome Summer days spend doing what I love so much...it's sad...maybe tomorrow I'll think of some new way to be out there and try something different for a change, but right now I'm heart-broken and shocked...

That day started awesomely and would have made the books as one of those perfect days where everything seems just right and easy, now not so much anymore...I will be back with something new, but I will never be able to present my photos to the public at my little shop again, an era has ended, suffocated by some mean people who love rules more than their own mamas :(

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