Tuesday 26 March 2013


Unedited window reflection of the 'Concerto' store in Amsterdam. Taken with a Sony HX200V. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

Life really is a mixed bag of good stuff and bad stuff, and sometimes you get to experience both in the same day, yesterday was one of those days for me, some really nice things happened to me and then somebody had to share their portion of Monday Misery with me, probably thinking 'Hey, if I feel bad, I want others to feel bad too!', and that's fair enough, we all do our share of shaping this world, and if somebody prefers to be a grumpyhead instead of trying to make it through the day with a smile and a bit of gratefulness for all the awesome things we have and can do, so be it! I always try not to be influenced by other people's negativity, but sometimes it doesn't work, which only means I'll have to try harder the next time somebody rains on my parade :)

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