Thursday 31 December 2009

Reflections Of Amsterdam - Looking Into The Future

Unedited shot of some pretty girls standing around at a red light, reflected in a puddle in Amsterdam, taken with my Panasonic DMC-FZ8. No editing besides a touch of added contrast, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

These girls seem to look somewhat critical into the future, or maybe they're just confused that I'm taking their picture in a puddle while they're waiting for the red light to turn green...whatever the reason, I think they should cheer up, as we are at the brink of a new year, a new chance to fulfill our dreams, hopes and good thoughts, to make new friends, make all those things happen that we did not manage to do in 2009 and to make the very best out of 2010 :))

For me personally 2009 has been a tough year with lots of hard work and tons of stress, but also the year of many happy things and are some of the highlights :)

* January 2009: John Warwick interviewed me for the website 'Fat Talent'
* February 2009: Karel Maat interviewed me for the F+D Fotografie magazine and a wickedcool 5-page article was printed
* March 2009: I've produced my first book with Amsterdam reflections
* April 2009: One of my photos is used to promote the Queensday and causes an international scandal involving Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin
* April 2009: The lovely Miss Zeee printed a limited edition of my reflections on postcards and successfully sold them at the Spring is in the Air Market at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam
* April 2009: The Quind Blogazine published several of my photos and an article I wrote for them
* June 2009: One of my puddle reflections made the 2nd place in the 'In love with Amsterdam' photo exhibition/contest and we went to the 'Krasnapolsky Hotel' to celebrate
* September 2009: My 3rd Flickr Birthday
* October 2009: The 'ABC Treehouse' is showing 11 of my puddle pictures at the AMS * NYC * AMS exhibition
* November 2009: Many of my wicked reflections are shown on giant screens at the N8 Museumnacht at the Stadsarchief, over 4000 people visited and witnessed the wickedness
* November 2009: I've started taking proper puddle reflection videos for my YouTube page
* December 2009: For the first time ever I've managed to take a puddle reflection shot of myself using the timer of my mobile phone cam

What a year :))

I've made a new wicked reflection movie at the same spot, watch it on my YouTube page :)


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